Monday, March 15, 2010

Multitude Monday, Take 152

Thanking God this week for...

349. safe travels home and back
350. the opportunity to see Steve's little brother in his last high school musical
351. memories of all the musicals we did way back when
352. breakfast out with old friends
353. the fun of seeing Elijah and his cousin run around together

354. time with both families
355. good conversations
356. the new (to us--a refinished antique) chair we brought back, a gift from Steve's parents
357. tiny buds on trees
358. the privilege of staying home with Elijah

359. opportunity to break out the flip-flops!
360. long walks
361. a nice park near our house
362. Elijah swinging: "higher pwease!"
363. fresh pineapple, cheap at Aldi

364. requests for snuggles
365. dear friends' willingness to share their struggles with me
366. sunshine, when the forecast called for rain
367. Steve getting home unexpectedly early, two days in a row
368. grace to preach to myself and let Truth have the last word

369. time with friends and their kids
370. the ways parenting humbles me
371. a chiropractor I trust
372. the way Elijah is so concerned about his mama getting hurt by the chiropractor
373. use of a friend's washing machine when ours is broken

374. Steve's ability to tear apart our washing machine, diagnose the problem, order parts to fix it
375. grace to get up early
376. dinner and great conversation with friends
377. starting marriage with no financial baggage
378. a church we hate to be away from and miss when we're gone

379. providing comfort and encouragement when I need it
380. not treating me as my sins deserve

holy experience


Jessie Rae said...

I missed you too on Sunday!!!

Anna said...

Amy, you inspired me to start doing Multitude Mondays. Your gratitude just seems to pour out of your heart every week.

Anonymous said...

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Lu said...

In an attempt to use my blog more often and share the great blogs I read with others, I have just given you a beatiful blogger award on my blog Its just a bit of fun. Thanks for the blogging. I enjoy reading.