Monday, July 26, 2010

Multitude Monday, Take 169

Thanking God this week for...

753. a prenatal workout video, and the hilarity of Elijah doing it with me
754. belly laughs
755. Elijah carefully licking pie crust crumbs from his lips and saying, "mmm, it's good pie."
756. insurance agreeing to fix our car instead of totaling it
757. the sights and smells of the farmers' market downtown

758. orange heirloom grape tomatoes
759. bruschetta salad for dinner
760. time to run and play at Bicentennial Mall
761. finding the sippy cup I feared we lost at the farmers' market
762. This American Life podcasts to make the drive to Nashville go more quickly

763. my Redeemer lives!
764. evidence of grace in friends' hearts
765. friends with whom I can be completely honest
766. strong baby heartbeat, healthy pregnancy so far
767. not being on restricted activity like I was at this point last time

768. Elijah kissing my belly and saying "Hi, baby!"
769. our zoo membership, so we can feel free to spend half an hour seeing the giraffes and elephants and then leave because we can't take the heat
770. chocolate and vanilla twist ice cream cone (the zoo has the BEST soft-serve ice cream ever.)
771. air-conditioning in the car
772. a cold shower and clean clothes

773. lunch and warehouse grocery shopping with a friend
774. Steve and Elijah playing with blocks
775. waking up at 1AM and realizing, "hey, tomorrow is Saturday--I can sleep in!"
776. a freezer and the ability to make meals ahead for this fall
777. my parents are here!

holy experience

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