Monday, February 07, 2011

Multitude Monday, Take 192

Thanking God this week for...

1288. use of my left thumb (after slicing it on a plastic container last week)
1289. blue spoons and purple oatmeal
1290. Steve's new smoker
1291. Jude growing like crazy
1292. Elijah helping set and clear the table

1293. Psalm 1
1294. just enough grace to preach to myself
1295. a playsilk tent over the activity mat
1296. little boys giggling inside
1297. my friend Mandy's fabulous chicken enchilada recipe

1298. memories of my first date with Steve, eight years ago last week
1299. phone call from Steve just checking in, seeing how my day is going
1300. soup out of the freezer and into the crockpot
1301. opportunities to practice hospitality
1302. Steve's incredible ability to take things apart, fix them and put them back together

1303. prayer with friends
1304. lemon & shallot vinaigrette
1305. beef jerky in our CSA share this month, just when I needed grain-free, sugar-free, dairy-free snacks
1306. almonds
1307. time catching up with an old friend

1308. time on the phone with an even older friend
1309. Steve seeing the gospel more clearly than I
1310. the ways Elijah takes after his daddy
1311. handmade soap
1312. the miraculous ability to figure out what Elijah wants based on a few obscure, unclear words he says

1313. not simply meeting our basic needs, but lavishing us with good gifts that delight us
1314. promising to answer me when I call to Him
1315. talented people who set His Word to music

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Danielle said...

We love those seeds of faith cds!