Monday, February 21, 2011

Multitude Monday, Take 194

1353. husband sitting at breakfast table eating the Word
1354. Romans 8
1355. microwave to reheat lunch-grown-cold-while-nursing
1356. almonds and craisins
1357. Jude's working lungs

1358. Jude's desire and ability to nurse
1359. plenty of milk to fill his belly
1360. grace to start giving thanks out loud instead of seething
1361. Valentine cards: generous, funny, thoughtful, hilarious, heartfelt
1362. a kiss from Steve at Qdoba, resulting in a free burrito

1363. sharing the queso love with friends from church
1364. long walks in the gorgeous weather
1365. cell phone repaired
1366. a kitchen helper who wears a wild animals apron
1367. the daylight lasting longer

1368. Wednesday night dinners and prayer with friends from church
1369. an intense workout of a walk with friends
1370. a playdate afterward
1371. Elijah's tenderheartedness
1372. the fact that my baby carrier is machine washable

1373. reminders to stop and listen and cherish
1374. preschooler so excited about homemade fettuccine alfredo that he almost forgets to stop and breathe between bites
1375. the way gratitude begets gratitude
1376. boys giggling uncontrollably
1377. ibuprofen

1378. the way burdens become lighter when shared
1379. courage to share them
1380. more friends here for dinner
1381. homemade chicken lettuce wraps
1382. covering me with Jesus as a Shield

1383. Ann's book reminding me why I am counting these gifts, deepening lessons of gratitude
1384. dozens more gifts noted this week than space or time permit me to relist here


Danielle said...

Hey, I put a comment on FB to you about the bread, but don't know if you get them into your inbox. The bread tasted GREAT! So much better than when I made the whole wheat boule version. You should definitely give it a try. Very nutty and the honey was perfect.

Sarah said...

Hi Amy--you, along with my sister (who is also doing 1000 gifts) have inspired me to read Ann's book. I'm hoping that starting it a few months before the baby is born doesn't turn out to be something I have to put on hold, but I am very excited about starting the journey!

Sarah said...

oh, would love your chicken lettuce wraps recipe too!

LeAnna said...

I have so enjoyed Ann's book, such a blessing. *LOVE* chicken lettuce wraps, and I too would like to put my request in for your version. Also, I keep forgetting to answer your question about my son's dinosaur hat...we got it at Cracker Barrel. :)