Monday, February 14, 2011

Multitude Monday, Take 193

Thanking God this week for...

1316. Elijah's desire to pray before breakfast and "read a Jesus story" while the eggs cool off
1317. John 3:16-17
1318. giant flakes of snow falling fast and furious
1319. the return of 50-degree temps and sunshine
1320. a long walk with my guys

1321. a playdate with a friend and her sweet kiddos
1322. her inner and outer beauty; her eye for beauty and creation of it
1323. a beautiful drive past snow-covered trees
1324. Jude sitting in a big armchair with my friend's sweet baby girl born three weeks earlier
1325. buttered whole wheat toast

1326. a happy, loud baby
1327. long white tank tops
1328. the aroma of pecans toasting
1329. sausage crumbled in eggs
1330. His protection when Elijah stumbled on the stairs

1331. time to sit and think and plan
1332. the Incarnation
1333. snail mail from a friend just because
1334. a flight booked to go visit a friend next month
1335. Steve clearing the snow off my car

1336. Steve's wisdom
1337. the ability to read while I run on the elliptical
1338. fleece-lined khaki pants
1339. dimpled baby hands, rolls of fat on baby thighs
1340. colorful shish kebabs

1341. news that a dear friend is pregnant
1342. kale salad
1343. red socks
1344. another pair of jeans finally fitting
1345. blissful quiet after bedtime

1346. mugs of cold milk
1347. love that lay down His life
1348. loving me while I was still a sinner
1349. loving me too much to leave me there
1350. providing people who are His love with skin on

1351. giving me people to love
1352. causing my heart to love Him

1 comment:

Danielle said...

Yay for pants fitting again! I've just discovered some of mine fit again too. Such a nice discovery. :)