Friday, March 18, 2011

Happy Birth Day, Mom

Ever since Elijah was born, I've had a whole new appreciation for my mother. Before then, it was so easy to take for granted the sacrifices she made and the ways she cared for me. I remember on Elijah's first birthday, someone wished me a “Happy Birth Day” and pointed out that the MOMS are the ones who should be celebrated on a child's birthday—after all, they're the ones who did all the work!

After birthing two babies, I couldn't agree more. My mom was the hero on March 18 twenty-nine years ago! So as friends and family celebrate me today, I am throwing out a Birth Day salute to Mom. “Thanks” hardly seems adequate—but I am indeed thankful for the mother who was “born” today!


Zoanna said...

So true! We are beholden to our moms, and what a thoughtful post to include the one who birthed you on this, your birthday! My husband once gave his mom a present on HIS b'day. I'd never thought about it until then that it'd sure be nice if everyone did that. A mom with lots of kids would have a lot of gifts throughout the year, huh? (I could get used to that. Feb, March ,April,August!)

Sandra Leigh said...

Happy Birthday! I hope you have a chance to celebrate. Enjoy your special day and being with the ones who love you.

Emily said...

Happy Birthday Amy! Love the shout out to your mom and the capture of you two in that pic. Gives me a wonderful glimpse into your relationship.