Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Multitude "Monday," Take 197

Didn't get a post up yesterday, but I have plenty to be grateful for. This week I'm thanking God for...

1439. husband praying with me and for me
1440. husband preaching the gospel to me
1441. repeated failures that expose the lie of self-sufficiency and my need for a Savior/Helper
1442. long nights of frequent nursing

1443. email with exciting news from a friend
1444. marbled cheese
1445. a Savior who wants to fill the emptiness in me
1446. protecting me from getting hit when I accidentally cut off another driver
1447. the humbling reminder that sometimes I am the bad driver I often yell at

1448. mantel clock repaired
1449. pee in the potty
1450. first forsythia blooms
1451. His perfect justice
1452. the reality that justice and truth will ultimately prevail

1453. courage/humility to cry in front of friends
1454. purple hyacinth
1455. husband's patience and servanthood when I am irritable and unlovable
1456. Saturday afternoon date
1457. friends who watched the boys

1458. sweet wine
1459. Chinese lunch
1460. getting to hear and concentrate on a key part of Sunday's sermon
1461. movie night with my guys
1462. remembering that I am dust

1463. mercies new every minute

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