Monday, July 04, 2011

Multitude Monday, Take 211

"Today you will spend solitary moments of conversation with yourself either listing your complaints or counting your blessings. You can gaze over the fence and covet another person's life or tell yourself that God has blessed you in ways you never could've earned. You can tell yourself that God's not fair or thank him that he's not fair because fair would mean your and my doom." (Paul Tripp, Twitter)

Still counting, counting, counting...God's blessings this week have included...

1858. my logical, rational, clear-thinking and wise husband
1859. six beautiful years of marriage to him
1860. grace for kiddos and for mamas
1861. bamboo cutting board
1862. a glass of sangria and good conversation with Steve after the boys' bedtime

1863. play days with friends
1864. friends who lend books
1865. Google
1866. more money than I realized left over on a Papa John's gift card
1867. Elijah gleefully helping with the laundry

1868. grace to engage him even when it takes longer
1869. awesome new blog discoveries
1870. grace to help Elijah make up new words to his repetitive original songs instead of just getting irritated
1871. long naps
1872. the ability to help people in need

1873. dinner and fellowship with friends on Wednesdays
1874. bags and boxes out of my house and dropped off at Goodwill and the pregnancy center
1875. so much "stuff" that I have to give it away
1876. first zucchini coins of the summer
1877. the ability to do math

1878. quick-keys
1879. a husband who values my opinions and insights
1880. C.S. Lewis's brilliant storytelling
1881. audiobooks
1882. Aslan

1883. healing the world we wrecked
1884. His call that enables us to follow, creates what He commands
1885. British accents
1886. rosebushes
1887. cardboard brick towers

1888. freedom of religion
1889. freedom of speech
1890. economic freedom
1891. freedom in Christ

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