Monday, July 25, 2011

Multitude Monday, Take 214

Thanking God this week for...

1953. early morning quiet time
1954. positive interactions between Elijah and Jude
1955. date night in with Steve
1956. bags of clothes dropped off at Goodwill
1957. friends' kindness to my boys

1958. Jude's mobility and curiosity
1959. diapers resold
1960. bruschetta pizza
1961. freedom to share my struggles with friends
1962. their prayers

1963. fresh inspiration to fight for joy and obedience
1964. Elijah answering loudly at library storytime: "I have muscles!"
1965. the beautiful, surprising, stirring ending to The Monster in the Hollows
1966. anticipation of one more book in the Wingfeather Saga
1967. a free journal from Paper Coterie

1968. Elijah's increasing ability to catch and throw a ball
1969. Elijah helping Steve make salads
1970. orange flowers lasting more than a week
1971. Jude babbling "dadadadada"
1972. being slow to anger and endlessly patient with me

1973. not treating me as my sins deserve
1974. not telling me the future
1975. encouragement from others
1976. opportunities to encourage others
1977. a sparkly clean wedding ring

1978. ladies' night out
1979. Steve's willingness to watch the boys
1980. laughter
1981. making friends with vendors at the farmers' market
1982. gorgeous 'maters

1983. first tomato pie of the year!
1984. a husband who comforts and doesn't condemn
1985. long naps
1986. Elijah running happily to Sunday school
1987. lunchtime conversations with our pastor

1988. games of Uno Moo
1989. Steve's sense of humor
1990. Notes from the Tilt-a-Whirl
1991. safe arrival of a friend's baby
1992. crepe myrtles in bloom everywhere


Kay K said...

A great list of thankfulness .....

Sandra Leigh said...

Glad to hear you guys are liking the uno moo. Love you! Miss a like creazy. Wish I could come down again next week!