Monday, July 11, 2011

Multitude Monday, Take 212

"Christ's sacrifice is so powerful that even hints and glimmers of it will knock people off their feet. the light of such sacrifice, all else becomes 'Thank you.'" (Lisa Velthouse, Craving Grace)

Thanking God this week for the cross and the millions of smaller gifts it purchased for me, including...

1892. vacation in Ohio last week
1893. safe travels there and back
1894. home sweet home
1895. 230+ photos to sort through
1896. our own bed

1897. Christ's sacrifice
1898. Steve's death to self giving me tangible glimpses of it
1899. new clothes for Steve
1900. parents and grandparents babysitting
1901. friends making time to see me

1902. His grace covering my parenting inadequacies
1903. His power made perfect in my weakness
1904. air conditioning in dangerous heat
1905. roller coasters
1906. vegetables

1907. wind blowing through my hair
1908. a brush to get the tangles out
1909. Amish buggies
1910. county roads laid out in a grid
1911. sunsets

1912. ice packs
1913. pursuing me even when I am lazy and apathetic
1914. time and space to play outside
1915. porch swings
1916. the color green

1917. our new car
1918. the way Jude gleefully smacks a table when sitting at it
1919. a wiggly, healthy, loud baby
1920. cruise control
1921. showers after a hot, sticky day

1922. time in His Word
1923. others' examples of servanthood and humility


Danielle said...

Congrats on the new car!

Robin said...

Love those country roads laid out like a grid. I was thankful for this exact same thing over the holiday weekend. :)