Monday, July 18, 2011

Multitude Monday, Take 213

Thanking God this week for...

1924. our chest freezer
1925. Elijah's ability to talk
1926. clean kitchen floor
1927. a dear friend and her kids here for a visit
1928. our week to submit prayer requests as the church family of the week

1929. space in our home to host overnight guests
1930. babywearing
1931. the book Jude ripped was one of ours, not borrowed
1932. animals (including a kangaroo!) at the library
1933. captivating novels and time to read them

1934. the safe arrival of a dear friend's baby girl
1935. Steve and Elijah grinding rhubarb and strawberries for jam
1936. a kid-sized shopping cart at Trader Joe's
1937. free samples at Whole Foods
1938. Elijah dancing for Jude and singing made-up songs

1939. Jude's love for Elijah
1940. OxiClean
1941. happy little bouquet of orange flowers
1942. Jude crying "Mamamamamama!" in the middle of the night
1943. Steve's generosity

1944. new salad dressing flavors
1945. goodies from the farmers' market: peaches, tomatoes, zucchini, green beans, eggs, herbs, sweet corn
1946. headbands
1947. foaming soap dispensers
1948. BLTs

1949. being back at our church after two Sundays away
1950. big boys playing with Elijah
1951. a restful, relaxing Sunday afternoon/evening with my guys
1952. the Story He is writing and the fact that it isn't about me


Danielle said...

What novels are you reading? I've rereading Anna Karenina again (teaching it at homeschool co/op in the fall).

With you on Oxiclean!

Amy said...

oh my - I can't imagine a second time through Anna Karenina! I'm reading through Andrew Peterson's Wingfeather Saga - read the first two sometime last year or the year before, but the 3rd one came out recently so I had to reread the other two first. They're sort of young adult fiction - akin to the Narnia books - so they're quick reads. But really good.

OxiClean is seriously miraculous! It tackled stained diapers that even the sun couldn't touch...and then it took care of the WHITE shirt Elijah was wearing when he was grinding and eating strawberries (smart move, Daddy). If you'd seen that shirt you would have though it was hopeless, but after an overnight soak you couldn't even tell the red spots had ever existed. Amazing.

Danielle said...

Anna Karenina is just about my favorite novel of all time, so I'm happy to read it again. :)

I have a whole post just about ready on Proverbs 31. It has to do with the original Hebrew phrase that gets translated as "excellent," "virtuous," etc.

Zoanna said...

I've invited you for something in particular as a blogger. Come over to my blog and read the post about Retrospection.