Saturday, August 20, 2011

Weekend Wanderings 8.20.11

I've come across lots of interesting things in the tubes recently...someday I want to link my Delicious bookmarks to my blog, but until I get around to that, I'll have to do it manually through these posts, when I think of it or feel like it :)

If women feel more comfortable nursing in public under a big cover, more power to them. But there are good reasons *not* to, and this article presents one of the most compelling and fascinating I've ever heard. Read the whole article for a bicycle metaphor and a heartwarming story about a gorilla! See also:

@Sorta Crunchy: "Ultimately, we have collectively swallowed our culture's poisoned message that declares breasts to be singularly sexual, therefore breastfeeding is something to be covered. ...To agree with our culture's corrupted view of breasts and breastfeeding is to deny God's beautiful, exquisite design. According to His perfect plan, breasts are dual-purposed wonders of creation, perfect evidence of a holy blend of function and form. Oh, how it must grieve the heart of God to see what we - even we! Those called according to His Name! - have allowed our thinking to become regarding His incredible design."

I have a hard time getting on a three four(!) year old level and playing. I'm not very good at thinking of fun things to do. So I am definitely printing and referring to this list of ideas, especially as the weather cools and being outside becomes bearable again!

Rachel Jankovic @Femina: "These are the kind of days when my husband tells me that I was being fruitful, even if it doesn’t look productive. A fruit tree doesn’t move things from an in-basket to an out-basket all day. It is not in the business of ticking off boxes on a to-do list. Sometimes the business of being fruitful is standing in the rain, holding on to your branches in a wind storm, or simply providing shade. Every day is not an apple harvest day. Every day is part of a process, part of a journey towards fruit. Your whole life is part of a fruit bearing work, but today was just a wind storm."

Nancy Wilson @Femina: "I was trying to be encouraging and helpful, so I said something like, 'Don’t worry! God will never give you [more than you can handle].' On my way home I realized that I had said something very stupid and untrue. ...Our God is much better and greater and kinder than that!"

@Joe Thorn: "There is more in God’s word than the gospel. God has given us his law to show us the way, uncover our corruption and condemnation, and point us to our need of redemption. There are commands to be obeyed, there is wisdom to learn and practice, and affections to feel and be moved by. But, the law itself is unable to create within us new hearts, or empower us to obey its demands. So let me say it this way: The gospel is the main thing, it is not the only thing. However, it is the only thing that brings life, power, and transformation. The gospel isn’t everything, but it does connect to everything, and preachers and teachers in the church must be able to show that connection lest we allow the church to drift (or even be lead) into various kinds of hopeless, powerless legalism."

@Desiring God: "We must fight the temptation to boast in or covet children. How gifted or successful or even holy they become is no sure evidence of God’s blessing on us. Neither are disabled or disobedient children evidence of God’s disfavor.God’s blessing rests on the one who 'hear[s] the word of God and keeps it.' Belief is the evidence of blessing."

@The Daily Show with Jon Stewart: "How did Libertarian Ron Paul become the 13th floor in a hotel?!" This video is hilarious. And maddening.


Danielle said...

That not covering up article is very interesting. I wasn't sure if she meant not covering up at all, ever, in public or around mostly women. Maybe I missed that. All her examples mostly centered around women being around women and children.

I definitely want to cover up when I'm around men in general. However, women is another matter. I do not mind children who are interested and want to ask me what I'm doing. It's interesting to me that sometimes other women react by grabbing their child's hand and pulling them away like I'm doing something wrong. I don't doubt that they may be thinking of me and might think I'm uncomfortable, but honestly, it's such a response from another mother makes me uncomfortable!

I remember watching my mother nurse my siblings and I was interested at first and wanted to know what was going on before losing interest. It's natural, but certainly doesn't always come naturally. A very thought provoking post, to be sure. And that gorilla story was fascinating.

Danielle said...

I should note that I have a hard time nursing my children discretely, honestly, which is why I like to cover myself when men are present. I know other women who don't cover up around men though and I are completely discreet! I just can't manage that.

Ashley said...

The "not covering up" article is great. I have often wondered why it is acceptable for young girls/women to "let them hang out" of their normal clothing, but when a mother nurses her baby, she is considered indecent and should cover up. My reason for sometimes covering up in public was because I was SO terrible at nursing and Ruth Anne wasn't every really good at it either. It was just an awkward time.