Saturday, August 06, 2011

Weekend Wanderings

Some of the best things I read on the internet come from other bloggers' links--so I thought I would throw out some posts I've found helpful or interesting lately, for your weekend reading...

He Loves Me, He Really Loves Me - Tim Challies
"...when Dad gets together with his friends, these things are not at the front of his mind. He loves his children, he is proud of his children, and he wants to tell others about them. I thought about this a short time ago when I was considering how God feels about us, how He feels about me, and how He feels about all of His children."

When She Speaks - Chatting at the Sky
Wise words for a small-time blogger like me: "what if you don’t have 2,000 readers? Maybe you have 30 readers. Do you roll your eyes at those 30 readers? Do you think of your work as valuable even if only 30 people read it? Consider this: what if 30 women showed up in a room to hear you speak. Would you see it differently?"

If You Want Your Child to Love God, Don't Go By the Rules - Sally Clarkson
I love Sally Clarkson. She often has such wise, encouraging, gentle yet powerful words for mothers.

Titus 2 Is Not Just a Woman's To-Do List - The Resurgence
"The first few verses have been sliced, diced, and examined from every angle to comprehend what it is that a godly woman looks like. How should she act? What does she do? After years of honing in on the beginning of this chapter as my 'godly guide for women,' I actually took the time to finish reading the chapter and my eyes were opened to the fullness of truth that left me encouraged and equipped to actually live out the call of the opening verses."

Little Horses and Big Cliffs - Life with Littles
Have I mentioned this blog here yet? I know I've linked on Facebook. It's one of my new favorites--such rich, encouraging gospel truths for struggling and inadequate moms like me:
"Grace is scary like that. It makes you cringe and wish that you had a way out. It makes you doubt yourself because if you aren't going to 'do' something then who is? That is the beauty of it. There's nothing for us to add yet everything for us to gain."


Danielle said...

Thanks for the links! Life with Littles was powerful.

Ashley said...

I LOVE the comment on Titus 2. That is something that I think is often lacking when those verses are taught or preached. Thanks for posting! And you know you have at least 1 reader ;)

Anna said...

I really enjoyed these! Especially the Sally Clarkson post and the "When She Speaks" post.