Monday, May 07, 2012

Multitude Monday, Take 246

Thanking God this week for...

2988. utility work right outside our front door for the boys to watch
2989. workers who keep our utilities running
2990. electricity, steadily available
2991. running water, always
2992. trash pickup every week

2993. Jude's new safari hat
2994. floating bits of cottonwood
2995. Elijah: "Will you play with me?"
2996. sky darkening as gray clouds roll in
2997. grace to remain calm when correcting Elijah

2998. diapers bleached from the sun
2999. access to hundreds of books for my boys
3000. the fact that Steve and I both enjoy reading
3001. the fact that I understand the importance of having books and reading to my children
3002. polo rompers that still fit Jude for now

3003. access to information about our health
3004. prayer with dear friends
3005. the boost that that always provides for the rest of the week
3006. the scent of lilacs
3007. a throwing-rocks-in-the-creek break during a long walk

3008. last year's bathing suits still fit well enough
3009. my lovely mother-in-law, whose birthday was last week
3010. my favorite aunt, whose birthday is today
3011. a friend helping me think through parenting issues
3012. Harry Potter motivating me to run longer

3013. grace to want to fight sin
3014. the first day of the farmers' market
3015. eyes to see how the gospel, not the law, fuels obedience
3016. dinner with friends
3017. His constant, unchanging goodness

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