Monday, May 28, 2012

Multitude Monday, Take 249

To live sozo, is to live the wellest, fullest life and Jesus came that we might live well and to the full; He came to give us sozo.

And when did the leper receive sozo—saving to the full, well, whole life? He received sozo from Christ when he returned and gave thanks to Christ. Gratitude isn’t a condition of our salvation — it is our manifest joy in salvation. Because gratitude to Christ — is evidence that we’ve received the gift of faith – as a gift. 

How can anyone accept His free gift of salvation —  if not with thanksgiving? 

 A Christian giving thanks is never about trying to ascend to a higher spiritual plane — it’s about giving thanks to Christ who descended to plainly save us.  

In His presence alone is fullness of joy and the way to enter into His courts is through those gates of thanksgiving for Who He is and what He gives and He alone is enough. 

(Ann Voskamp, "How to Really Survive a Heart Attack")

Trying to shake off a funk this afternoon and really *see* by thanking God for...

3088. a husband who is endlessly patient when I am not
3089. a son who can communicate his desires and emotions, even when he doesn't do so respectfully
3090. a son who screams because he trusts that Mama cares and can make it better
3091. parents and in-laws driving down to see us so that we don't have to make the long car trip as often
3092. a weekend in Cincinnati with Steve's whole family

3093. sweet reunion with Elijah after he spent the week with Grammy and Pops
3094. brothers thrilled to see each other
3095. singing Sovereign Grace's "Behold Our God" in a huge church on Sunday
3096. the astounding beauty, variety and order in His creation
3097. opening my eyes to see that He created and sustains it all

3098. toddler climbing out of the pool before filling up his pants 
3099. pretend ice cream treats from my niece
4000. everyone sleeping much better in a hotel room than I anticipated
4001. air conditioning
4002. speaking to me in two consecutive songs on Indelible Grace's Beams of Heaven album

4003. breaking my schemes of earthly joy, that I may find my all in Him

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Robin said...

just found your blog - love it! I totally connect with so much of your spiritual journey.....