Monday, May 14, 2012

Multitude Monday, Take 247

Two hundred and forty-seven times I've done this? Really? That doesn't quite seem possible. But here I am again this week, counting, counting, counting--trying to open my eyes and see the undeserved gifts God gives each day, including...

3018. a sense of hope about what He's up to in friends' lives
3019. His grace at work in me, enough for others to see it
3020. a new gospel-centered mothering blog: Domestic Kingdom (love this recent post)
3021. an excellent article by Rachel Pieh Jones reminding me to flee to the cross
3022. the inspiring and humbling story of Ian and Larissa Murphy (be sure to read Larissa's posts after watching the video)

3023. workers who removed asbestos from our house
3024. a beautiful day to be at the zoo
3025. carousel ride with the boys
3026. Elijah sharing his ice cream with Jude

3027. opportunities to help Steve by ripping up floorboards in the closet (even if I did injure myself...twice...)

3028. Steve setting out traps and catching the you-know-what he discovered in the kitchen before he left for work--if he had to spot one first thing in the morning, at least he was able to kill it less than an hour later!
3029. bluebirds
3030. a clean bathtub
3031. tiny freckles on Elijah's cheeks
3032. Jude's vivid blue eyes

3033. red and white pinwheel-petunias
3034. Lego cars honking to the tune of Darth Vader's Imperial March
3035. tickle time
3036. sausage gravy on biscuits (if I'd known it was that easy, I would have made it long ago!)
3037. Steve working hard to rebuild our HVAC system

3038. Elijah's forgiveness
3039. never lashing out in wrath against me
3040. a Groupon date
3041. a generous and wonderful friend babysitting, delighting in my boys
3042. the privilege of being a mother

3043. my own mother's voice on the phone
3044. a lovely mother-in-law
3045. the dozens of ways Steve served and blessed me yesterday
3046. loving me too much to let me remain in my sin
3047. deepening my understanding of His grace

3048. a new sermon series on what it means to fear Him
3049. being able to call Him Father in spite of His awesome holiness and glory


Danielle said...

It's really crazy how many "group" blogs there are these days.

Sausage gravy and biscuits, hmmm. Making me want to eat meat again!

A series I really gleaned encouragement from last week was Beyond Bathtime on ROH. You might get something out of it too:

Happy Mother's Day!

Amy said...

thanks for the ROH recommendation! I haven't listened to podcasts in forever, thanks to Harry Potter...all my listening time is spent at Hogwarts, so I'm months behind on This American Life and haven't caught up any others, either. I'm downloading these to listen to sometime soon (I'm in the last HP so it'll be back to podcasts soon :) and happy mother's day to you, too!