Monday, May 21, 2012

Multitude Monday, Take 248

Thanking God this week for...

3050. a new fabric shower curtain liner
3051. upstairs storage cleaned out and organized
3052. Elijah: "I love Jesus, Mama."
3053. Jude wanting to read a Jesus story at breakfast
3054. a letter from my Compassion child, more personal and longer than any others

3055. bright orange lilies
3056. hydrangeas in various colors
3057. Steve taking both boys with him to Lowe's
3058. reminders that Elijah is vulnerable and needs to be comforted, nurtured, protected
3059. a long-overdue playdate with a friend

3060. her son encouraging Elijah to do good ("Don't do that. He's your brother.")
3061. challenging conversations
3062. chicken lettuce wraps and vegetable stirfry
3063. God's grace powerfully at work in a friend's relationship with her MIL
3064. my parents' love for my husband

3065. gospel + parenting conversations with a dear friend
3066. my parents coming down for the weekend to serve us like crazy by babysitting
3067. the opportunity to go to the local homeschooling convention with Steve, as we continue to explore our options
3068. a Thai lunch date at The Smiling Elephant
3069. rhubarb!

3070. the KidTalk picnic with fun games and treats and prizes
3071. painted faces
3072. star-shaped sunglasses

3073. getting to go to a dear friend's wedding without kiddos
3074. the beautiful, radiant bride, so happy

3075. the handsome groom, all choked up before his beloved even appeared
3076. dozens of adorable details that made the wedding fun and personal
3077. lots of laughs thanks to a photobooth
3078. huge sparklers to send off the happy couple
3079. loving my sweet husband even more seven years later than I did on our own wedding day
3080. Jude finally saying "Mama" now and then
3081. Elijah's excitement to go home with Grammy and Pops
3082. their excitement to take him for the week
3083. being able to entrust him to their care
3084. homemade pizza and a movie with Steve

3085. opportunity to invest in a younger girl from church
3086. His Word: a fire, a hammer, a healing balm
3087. the freedom and refuge found at the foot of the cross

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