Monday, August 13, 2012

Multitude Monday, Take 256

Thanking God this week for...

4169.  friends taking our futon and an old carseat off our hands
4170. the look of accomplishment on Elijah's face when he does something well at soccer practice
4171. boys sleeping in, time to journal
4172. boys standing at the front door, watching the school buses drive by
4173. heartfelt, honest emails from a new friend

4174. Elijah graciously letting Jude wear his cowboy boots
4175. Jude willingly giving them back when his turn is up
4176. a dear friend speaking truth to me, exhorting me
4177. 65% off framing at JoAnn
4178. prayer with friends on a Tuesday night

4179. a new audiobook to listen to in the car
4180. last-minute lunch with a sweet friend
4181. a much-needed nap
4182. lots of windows = natural light when the power goes out
4183. no tears when I dropped Elijah off at his first day of preschool

4184. the fact that Elijah seemed to have fun on his first day!
4185. a visit from my parents
4186. Steve talking me into a much simpler lightsaber cake instead of a stressful, time-consuming train cake
4187. warm blueberry muffins
4188. a day at the zoo for Elijah's birthday

4189. baby giraffe galloping around
4190. drippy ice cream cones
4191. crazy, noisy monkeys
4192. helium-filled balloons
4193. Elijah's delight at hearing us sing Happy Birthday to him

4194. my sweet boy who is FIVE!
4195. a morning walk with my mom
4196. Pops reading to the boys
4197. Dad helping me paint
4198. my parents babysitting so Steve and I could have a date

4199. Elijah telling me I looked pretty
4200. wonderful, uninterrupted conversation with Steve
4201. a walk on the greenway just before dusk
4202. friends who left to plant a new church being back at our church for a visit yesterday
4203. nursery workers who selflessly serve

4204. a gorgeous evening at the park
4205. His perfect justice
4206. His Son's atoning death to secure for me mercy instead of justice

1 comment:

Zoanna said...

What a cutie. So glad he liked preschool, day one, and hope it continues to be a happy place .