Monday, August 27, 2012

Multitude Monday, Take 258

Thanking God this week for...

4232. traffic lights and laws
4233. long-put-off emails finally written
4234. finally figuring out how to prevent zucchini pizza from sticking like crazy to the stone
4235. the fact that nothing is "too good to be true"--nothing is too wonderful for God!
4236. movie night with Steve

4237. Elijah asking me to pray with him before preschool
4238. the look of accomplishment on Elijah's face w hen he successfully reproduced a Lego racecar from the picture without step-by-step directions
4239. the fact that having boys means they only really need two pairs of shoes for fall/winter
4240. a new spice rub recipe, delicious on beef ribs and chicken legs
4241. Steve's willingness to submit to authority

4242. the fact that when Jude was suspiciously quiet, I discovered him playing with trucks--not getting into the basket of books and pens I realized I had left accessible!
4243. Steve preaching the gospel to me and helping me battle fear of man
4244. this article challenging me to think and speak carefully about the gospel and not let it degenerate into jargon
4245. contact lenses
4246. the way Jude likes to sleep with a blanket only covering his neck, like a giant scarf

4247. Elijah liking the kids at preschool so well that he cried when I came to pick him up because he wanted to stay and eat lunch with them
4248. Jude eating peas without coaxing
4249. an encouraging card from Steve
4250. snail mail from a thoughtful friend
4251. hilarious video of my niece dancing during the band show at a football game

4252. Elijah and Jude playing well together for long stretches of time
4253. carrot cake pancakes with delicious cream cheese topping (a lot healthier than they sound!)
4254. Steve and Elijah going on a man-date to the high school football game
4255. two lovely women with whom I am planning next year's women's retreat
4256. one-on-one time with a dear new friend

4257. her courage, perceptiveness, caring, and humility
4258. opportunity to run errands alone
4259. the coherence of the world He created
4260. revealing Himself to us

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