Monday, August 20, 2012

Multitude Monday, Take 257

Thanking God this week for...

4207. Sovereign Grace Music sale mid-year, not having to wait until February for $5 CDs
4208. heavy quilts on cold mornings
4209. dinner and fellowship with new friends
4210. a long-overdue phone call to catch up with an old friend
4211. hearing happiness in her familiar voice

4212. little boys growing, growing, growing (time to order new shoes, again...)
4213. the sounds of waking up happy instead of waking up crying
4214. the baptisms of four sweet children/teens yesterday
4215. grace: 2.5 months after our weight loss competition ended, I am still exercising regularly!
4216. His 42:16 promise to lead the blind by ways they have not known

4217. memories of how He spoke that word to my heart multiple times in the summer of 2002
4218. this pray for your husband prompt
4219. the alarm function on my phone
4220. unexpected refunds from companies with excellent customer service (Keen, Lands' End)
4221. Jude putting words together

4222. significant progress in decluttering and restoring order
4223. being a God of order and structure
4224. $30 in McKay's credit for our old, unwanted books
4225. using my time with the girl I'm mentoring to remind *me* of the truth and reinforce it in my own heart
4226. news that a friend is pregnant with a long-desired, long-awaited baby

4227. a visit from a friend, her keeping me company while I processed tomatoes
4228. multiple translations of the Bible
4229. the fact that thyme lasts forever in a jar of water in the fridge
4230. loving me when there was nothing lovable about me
4231. drawing me to Himself when we had nothing in common and I was cold toward Him


Danielle said...

Do you have SGM's "Valley of Vision" and "Come Weary Saints" Cds? Love those . . .

I've had a hard time exercising since having Sophia. I'd love a post about how often and when you work out and your favorite work out resources (I think you use lots of DVDs?).

Amy said...

I don't think there are any major SGM CD's I *don't* have, Danielle--I'm an addict, and have taken advantage of the $5 sale every February! :)

I will think on an exercise post...I actually don't use any DVDs anymore. I have a bunch, and have used them in the past, but not for quite some time. These days it's strictly running on my elliptical, or walks outside.