Monday, August 06, 2012

Multitude Monday, Take 255

Thanking God this week for...

4149. His glory reflected in human athletes' amazing abilities
4150. the idea that Jesus could do everything every single one of the Olympians can, perfectly, and far more besides
4151. volleyball played like it's supposed to be played
4152. Jude demonstrating how the swimmers jump into the water
4153. a big bag of basil from a friend

4154. the privilege of voting
4155. a funny, sweet card from an old friend (real mail!!)
4156. people who have the patience to coach 4- and 5-year-old soccer
4157. Elijah eagerly participating in his first practice without coaxing

4158. Elijah and Jude looking at books together in our big rocking chair

4159. lime in my water
4160. boys clomping around in Daddy's shoes
4161. Jude's bedhead

4162. respectful perspectives from people I disagree with, making me think
4163. tons of work accomplished in the office

4164. a happy bouquet for $3 at the farmers' market
4165. a fridge and counters full of fresh fruit
4166. neatly organized desk, bookshelves, filing cabinets
4167. pizza for supper after a long day of hard work
4168. best moment of my weekend: singing duets from Annie Get Your Gun with Elijah :)

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