Monday, February 04, 2013

Multitude Monday, Take 273

"We need to say 'Thank you' whenever possible, even if we are not able to reconcile the human creature's free will with the Maker's working out of the pattern. Thanks and praise are, I believe, some of the threads with which the pattern is woven." (Madeleine L'Engle, Two-Part Invention, p. 125)

Thanking God this week for...

4644. Daddy and the boys running around playing swords
4645. an unwanted book sold on for $20 in less than a week!
4646. one-on-one time with a friend I rarely get to see
4647. Elijah getting to play outside at preschool, finally
4648. friends here for dinner

4649. Steve talking theology on the phone for hours with his brother
4650. a basement in which to take cover at 3AM
4651. safety through storms
4652. Jude reading books to Clifford
4653. access to information, however overwhelming and confusing

4654. Elijah cheerfully helping to clean up a mess he didn't make
4655. 13.8 hours of Tchaikovsky music for $1.99
4656. access to a dizzying variety and amount of music
4657. the women of our church quickly signing up to bring meals to other families
4658. the safe arrivals of two friends' babies

4659. news of another friend's new pregnancy
4660. Jude proudly showing Elijah his Duplo creation
4661. Elijah encouraging him: "I see that! I like that ship!"
4662. pencil sharpeners
4663. a decade of life with Steve

4664. vivid memories of that first date and "define the relationship" conversation ten years ago last Friday
4665. a friend's example of sacrificial servanthood
4666. Elijah loudly singing in Kroger, much to the amusement of fellow shoppers: "Come and worship! Come and worship! Come and worship Christ the newborn King!"
4667. pizza in Nashville with friends
4668. a free Slugs and Bugs concert

4669. Steve doing maintenance on our cars
4670. the opportunity to host a little party to bless a friend who's getting married
4671. Jude in button-downs and sweater vests
4672. new members being brought into our church


Danielle said...

Slugs and Bugs concert! What did you think of it? I just checked their page and there's going to be one in Lancaster in March!

Amy said...

It was fun. We hadn't listened to any S&B music before...I downloaded the newest album a few days before so the boys would be a little familiar with the music. They loved it and E has been singing the songs ever since. Steve and I found it a lot less annoying than we kind of anticipated...there were cute graphics/videos to go along with the songs, which helped Steve :) ...and they taught motions and such with some of the songs which was good for me to interact with Jude. And the music is growing on us, though it does stick in your head. Not my favorite kids' music, but I don't mind it.