Monday, February 11, 2013

Multitude Monday, Take 274

Thanking God this week for...

4673. books that challenge me
4674. poignant quotes from Madeleine L'Engle
4675. husband complimenting my cooking
4676. cupboards and freezers full of food
4677. a surprise Valentine in the mail

4678. the fact that I can see
4679. glasses, however much I prefer wearing contacts
4680. warm, wet washcloths to wipe out my eyes
4681. soap and running water to wash hands frequently
4682. plenty of clean pillowcases

4683. getting in easily to see an optometrist
4684. better diagnosis, new prescription
4685. symptoms eased
4686. healed eyes, FINALLY!
4687. one of Elijah's preschool friends plus his mom and sister here for lunch

4688. my first car hitting 225,000 miles and still going strong
4689. a friend's surgery successful, a doctor's declaration: "cancer-free!"
4690. Thai food with the sweet girl I'm mentoring
4691. evidence of His grace at work in her heart
4692. using my time with her to force me to preach truth to my own heart

4693. prayer with friends
4694. a day of corporate fasting
4695. earnest prayer with our church body
4696. Jude "helping" wash dishes
4697. a friend's enthusiasm and passion for God and His Word

4698. a visit from my awesome parents
4699. the countless ways they continue to serve me
4700. their babysitting so Steve and I could go to a wedding and out for dinner
4701. the beautiful wedding of a sweet couple from church
4702. time to catch up with a friend

4703. godly church leadership
4704. opportunities to serve others by taking them meals
4705. loving and dying for me when I was still weak and sinful and uninterested in Him

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