Monday, February 18, 2013

Multitude Monday, Take 275

After months and months of emails, phone calls, meetings and lists, all of our planning came together and the women of our church got to enjoy a retreat this past weekend! I came home last night with a long list of answered prayers and unexpected blessings--many gifts to thank God for, including...

4706. my two awesome co-planners, with whom it has been a joy to work
4707. my patient husband, who gave me the time and freedom to plan and then the gift of a weekend away while he cared for the boys
4708. the fastest I have ever, ever been in and out of despised Walmart, when I needed to buy folders on my way to the retreat
4709. safe travels
4710. my dear friend Erin, who taught our sessions

4711. the privilege of talking and praying with two beautiful women in my small group
4712. the fact that no event is too big to be out of His sovereign control
4713. the fact that no detail is too small to be beneath His care and notice
4714. delicious meals and snacks
4715. laughing until my face hurt

4716. conversion stories
4717. love stories
4718. birth stories
4719. provision stories
4720. just plain funny stories

4721. a tiny bit of hiking
4722. beautiful waterfalls
4723. snowflakes floating *up* instead of falling down
4724. singing in harmony with my alto friend Laura
4725. games in which I learned fascinating and/or hilarious things about my friends

4726. sweet times of prayer
4727. women passionate about God and His Word
4728. women setting examples of servanthood, discipline, humility, joy
4729. a fun and delicious lunch at Cheddar's on the way home
4730. my boys so excited to see me, they ran circles around the house and threw themselves on the floor

4731. big hugs and "I missed you!'s
4732. soft mattress, heavy blankets, husband in my bed
4733. women speaking of being refreshed and blessed
4734. these beautiful women whom I get to call my sisters
4735. His promise that in His presence, we will find fullness of joy


Stephen Gambill said...

I am thankful for the Lord's evident answer to our many prayers for you sweet gals. You were missed, but we are certain that the deepening of your love for one another will benefit us all and glorify Jesus.

Zoanna said...

4713 amen, and what a joyous welcome home celebration!

Ali said...

So happy to hear the weekend went very well! I can't wait to hear all about it.