Monday, June 03, 2013

Multitude Monday, Take 285

Thanking God over the last couple of weeks for...

5038. a visit from my parents
5039. dance lessons with Steve
5040. grace to confess my failures
5041. the color of kiwi
5042. Elijah's exuberant dance moves and facial expressions during his preschool program

5043. the growth we've seen in him this year
5044. shortcakes made from scratch
5045. giant bowls of strawberry shortcake
5046. a big stack of old Southern Living issues from my aunt
5047. a dreaded email finally sent, no longer hanging over my head

5048. its being received graciously
5049. being holy, holy, holy--yet inviting me to Come...come...come...come!
5050. a visit with one of my favorite families ever
5051. one-on-one time with my dear mentor
5052. freedom to be completely real with each other

5053. talking until 2AM
5054. sleeping late the next morning, Steve getting up with the boys
5055. games, games and more games
5056. my boys having a big brother and big sisters for the weekend
5057. a dear friend's encouraging words and gentle challenge

5058. Uncle David helping the boys play his cello, like the Piano Guys (their fave)
5059. Frisbees flying across the backyard
5060. sunset sky streaked with clouds
5061. Steve's prompting to make summer lists and plans for engaging with the boys
5062. our old neighborhood with its huge trees

5063. quarts and quarts of strawberries
5064. grace to make a phone call even when I didn't want to
5065. how encouraging it turned out to be
5066. evidence of His grace at work even in the midst of our ugliness
5067. family dinner at Mafiaoza's

5068. Elijah holding doors for me on our date
5069. sweet one-on-one time with him
5070. his excitement to go on a date with Mama
5071. sweet potato pancakes with cinnamon cream syrup at the Pancake Pantry
5072. bedroom decluttered

5073. someone finally cutting back the willow tree on the corner that obstructs views of oncoming traffic every summer
5074. our pastor's fantastic sermons
5075. shopping by myself
5076. Steve playing dominoes with Elijaih
5077. Elijah's love for his Sunday school teacher

5078. snuggles from a friend's sweet daughter, who doesn't normally warm up to others
5079. Steve's Scripture so, so good. coming up on the blog tomorrow.
5080. our church's practice of corrective discipline
5081. our pastors' courage, humility, love
5082. the sobering reminder of the dangers of sin and my own vulnerability to satan's lies

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