Monday, June 24, 2013

Multitude Monday, Take 288

Thanking God this week for...

5160. fresh grace to fight sin and believe truth
5161. Elijah helping me make zucchini lasagna
5162. the reality that I'll have eternity to catch up and reconnect with dear friends whom I can't stay as close to now as I'd like
5163. opportunities to teach Elijah about gratitude and whining, simultaneously preaching truth to my own complaining heart
5164. a friend picking up groceries for me, staying for lunch and fellowship

5165. a day at Warner Park with friends
5166. kids splashing in the creek
5167. Elijah's bravery when he fell off his bike and skinned up his elbow
5168. renewed motivation to memorize His Word
5169. increased flexibility and strength

5170. boys enjoying Vacation Bible School
5171. Jude suddenly wanting to ride on my back in the Boba again
5172. Elijah's cheerful, thankful heart
5173. VBS volunteers gracious when I got mixed up and was 15-20 minutes late
5174. Elijah not freaking out when Mama was late

5175. a friend's challenging example of boldness, hunger for the Word, love for others
5176. early morning prayer with dear friends
5177. grace to turn to Jesus in the midst of temptation to fear man
5178. calling me His beloved daughter and being pleased with me in Christ, so I don't have to worry about or live for other people's approval
5179. lessons about assuming the best of others' motives and not being easily offended

5180. Steve always helping me see from a different perspective, challenging my thinking rather than coddling my emotions
5181. knowledge about how to keep my kids safe in the car
5182. clothes dried on the line
5183. dance music
5184. sleeping in

5185. smiles from a friend's baby girl
5186. these powerful song lyrics
5187. meaningful conversation with a friend over lunch
5188. time spent working together with Steve on the house (in a couple more weeks, I may actually have a few "after" pictures to show!! don't hold your breath...)
5189. His patience to tell me the same thing over and over and over

5190. Elijah and Jude hugging and kissing each other good night
5191. Elijah: "Night, Jude! I love you! Don't let the bug-bugs bite!"
5192. granting to His beloved sleep
5193. never slumbering or ceasing His watchful care

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