Monday, June 10, 2013

Multitude Monday, Take 286

Thanking God this week for...

5083. Elijah's first Vacation Bible School experience
5084. fond memories of my own summers of VBS
5085. husband pursuing my heart
5086. a game of dominoes with Steve and Elijah
5087. Jude singing "Twinkle, twinkle, little Scar..." --a lullaby for the villain of his current favorite movie?

5088. orange lilies
5089. water flavored with lime
5090. this testimony from a woman whose husband cheated on her and how He restored their marriage
5091. opening my eyes to the ethical concerns surrounding adoption, sooner rather than later
5092. a meeting with our pastor and a couple of beautiful women to discuss women's ministry

5093. our pastor's vision, passion, humility
5094. His perfect timing, so different (so much slower) than mine
5095. reminders of the need for humble, prayerful dependence
5096. the boys' forgiveness after I scream at them
5097. getting paid to participate in a study at Vanderbilt

5098. how far Elijah has come since our participation in the first phase
5099. how much more verbal Jude is than Elijah was at his age
5100. the dragon sculpture at Fannie Mae Dees Park

5101. a picnic and some playtime there

5102. ice cream cones with sprinkles from Bobbie's Dairy Dip

5103. fresh thyme from a friend's garden
5104. a man in our church praising God for his wife
5105. a friend picking up a few things from Costco for me
5106. early morning prayer on the phone with a dear friend
5107. Elijah in a neon-pink shirt

5108. chicken, corn and tomato pitas for the first time this summer
5109. last three quarts of strawberries
5110. one last round of strawberry shortcake
5111. friends here for dinner
5112. our kids playing really well together

5113. Jude sharing his beloved Clifford
5114. my parents marriage--33 years last week
5115. painting accomplished in the upstairs bathroom
5116. sweet, shy girl in the church nursery trying on my shoes
5117. a day at Radnor Lake with my guys

5118. bug spray
5119. trail maps
5120. the boys' exuberance about hiking

5121. healthy bodies, strong legs
5122. striped centipede, white-tailed deer, speedy caterpillar

5123. the boys' impressive ability to hike almost three miles--half of it rated "strenuous"
5124. mercies new after I've yelled and shamed
5125. Ann's words piercing my heart again this afternoon
5126. His patience with me, in spite of how I am so impatient and harsh

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