Monday, November 04, 2013

Multitude Monday, Take 304

Thanking God this week for...

5751. Daylight Saving Time. I know all the moms of littles are throwing tomatoes at me for this one...but I gotta say, I'm glad it's light out earlier in the morning. I was having a HARD time getting up early--and so was Elijah. Not a fan of it being dark when Steve gets home in the afternoons, but what can you do.
5752. Cameo apples (a whole bushel of them) - my *perfect* eating apple
5753. a visit from my in-laws
5754. two more families from our church sponsoring children through Compassion
5755. Jude taking a nap on my lap during church

5756. the storytelling power of movies
5757. the courage of Jackie Robinson (and Branch Rickey)
5758. Elijah cleaning out my car to earn money for missions
5759. Steve giving me a night away to work on writing/speaking assignments
5760. Jude and a friend's son playing so well together

5761. a pre-dinner walk around our gorgeous neighborhood
5762. burning bushes in full color
5763. the giant orange maple near the park
5764. fluffy yellow gingkos finally starting to turn
5765. the cumulative effect of all this beauty

5766. ordaining the changes of seasons
5767. never changing Himself
5768. missing car keys found
5769. a day off school for Elijah, quality time spent together
5770. a good report from Elijah's teacher at our first parent-teacher conference

5771. no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus
5772. eyes to see what is truly beautiful
5773. a new heart to love and follow Him


Danielle said...

You have more speaking assignments? That's great!

I'm with you on the time change. I was dreading it, but like you, I'd been having a horrible time getting going in the morning (helped along by late night photo editing, to be truthful) but the past few mornings I've felt have been so much better!

Amy said...

just one, and pretty low key. we're having a women's brunch at church on Saturday and I'm teaching. not original material--basically summarizing a great little book called One to One Bible Reading.