Friday, November 15, 2013

The Look of Love

Some of the most evocative wedding photos I've ever seen were on BuzzFeed last year, in a collection titled "24 Grooms Blown Away by Their Beautiful Brides." In the pictures, the men clap their hands over their open mouths. They weep. They are unable to hide their awe and joy and amazement. Each man is captivated by the beauty of his bride, stunned that this incredible woman is actually his.

As sweet as it is to see the way a man takes pleasure in his bride on their wedding day, I think this is a mere shadow of something even more breathtaking. Click over to Pick Your Portion today to find out why these pictures came to my mind when I read Psalm 149 recently, and how I think these emotional grooms offer a tiny glimpse of a far more incredible love story.

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