Monday, November 11, 2013

Multitude Monday, Take 305

Thanking God this week for...

5774. gummy smiles from a friend's baby
5775. Junior Mints
5776. a friend helping me see Jesus in Daniel 2
5777. safe roads and bridges
5778. Steve building spaghetti-and-marshmallow towers with Elijah

5779. leaves carpeting the sidewalks
5780. their satisfying crunch
5781. the slant of autumn sunshine
5782. my first iPhone
5783. a Groupon from Zazzle for Christmas cards

5784. dear friends' hard work to plan a women's brunch
5785. the 25 women who showed up for fellowship and teaching
5786. the opportunity I had to speak to them
5787. wonderful time in Colossians 1 with a dear friend
5788. the way He speaks in His Word even when you've read a passage dozens of times 

5789. a sweet, thoughtful friend bringing me old issues of Southern Living
5790. the power of multiplication to make one-on-one ministry incredibly effective
5791. friends praying for me while I spoke
5792. Steve helping me declutter in the kitchen and office
5793. Steve taking apart the back door's deadbolt, so that the keys actually slide in and out easily--so amazing! I am leaving the house with a smile on my face every time I lock the door now!

5794. a Broadway station on Pandora, and belting showtunes while I cleaned
5795. the unbreakable chain of Romans 8:29-30 as a sure foundation for the promise of Romans 8:28
5796. songs with beautiful, interesting alto parts
5797. laughing gas
5798. lidocaine

5799. a leaf-collecting walk with the boys this afternoon
5800. love that surpasses my understanding

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