Monday, September 06, 2004

Haircuts, Part Two

Speaking of haircuts...yesterday I gave my very first home haircut. Yes, that's right. Steve went out and bought a clipper/trimmer with all the different lengths, and actually trusted me enough to give him a haircut. This came about mostly because the barber he normally goes to was not working this weekend, and he really wanted a haircut. So, he figured, "why not invest a little money in a clipper (is it "a clipper," or "clippers"? It's not really plural...who knows), and I'll never have to go to the barber again?"

Good plan Steve. After about an hour, changing the comb attachments about ten times, and a lot of nervous laughing by me, his hair is in fact shorter. Actually the good news is, he looks totally normal :) Yea for me! We're both hoping I'll get better (and faster) with practice.

Anybody need a haircut? I'll only charge $8...

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