Monday, September 06, 2004

Patience for Dummies

I've always been a fast learner--started reading at a young age, and ever since, learning has typically come pretty quickly to me. This is no credit to me of course; it's just a gift God gave me. But when it comes to learning life lessons, or character development, it seems I'm on the "slow learners" track.

I find that unfortunately, God often has to teach me the same lessons over and over again because I guess I didn't get it down well enough the first time. Right now He's on patience. To put it simply: "Patience is a virtue I just can't wait to have." (A friend of mine said that, but I can't credit them because I can't remember who.) I have never been patient. But with ten months to go until the wedding, I am definitely going to learn.

Steve and I have been offered a cash payment to elope: my dad says he'll give us a substantial lump sum of what he'd spend on the wedding, to run off and get married without all the hype. He's kidding of course. But we're only half joking. I would like to find the man who made engineering at UC a five-year program, and give him a piece of my mind :) June 2005 seems so far away...but apparently God sees this as a perfect opportunity to take me through "Patience for Dummies."

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Jamie said...

My dad made US the same offer :)