Sunday, September 12, 2004

Only in America

On Saturday I saw something that I have never before seen in my life. I am pretty sure it is unique to "small town America"--or to be more specific, "The Middle of Nowhere, Indiana." I went to the Grabill Country Fair with some girlfriends (shout out to Jaala, Sara and Aeron if you're reading this :) and we saw...

Lawn Mower Square Dancing. To quote Dave Barry, I swear I am not making this up. This event featured eight old people on riding lawn mowers. While the loudspeaker blasted hee-haw music, a woman on the stage called out the square dance, and these lawn-mower-riding-dancers would drive their mowers in circles around each other according to the appropriate movement: do-si-do, promenade, swing your partner, etc. They even had headsets on so that they could hear the music and the dance calls over the roar of eight lawn mowers. It was unreal.

Wow. Only in America.

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