Thursday, September 09, 2004

Reason #358 Why I Hate Being a Girl

Uncontrollable crying for no apparent reason.

I had my first wedding meltdown today :( I'm in the process of trying to schedule a photographer, which on the surface doesn't sound that hard or stressful. But the lady we wanted, who comes highly recommended by two of my best friends, isn't available on our original date. So that means calling the church and reception site to check other dates, calling other photographers and getting their availability, pricing info,'s a headache and a half. Add that to the fact that doing the long-distance relationship thing just gets harder every minute, and the fact that I'm naturally incredibly indecisive and hate making decisions, and I was a little stressed and frustrated today.

I know most of the thoughts and emotions I was having were irrational, selfish, unfair, etc...and yet I still cried! Why do girls do that??

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