Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Reducible Complexity

Perhaps there's a certain amount of irony in my posting this quote. It reflects my insatiable appetite for reading on the Internet: strangers' blogs, friends' blogs, news articles, theological arguments, ad infinitum...

But the fact remains, he's got some great things to say and he often makes me think. Adam is an IWU student whom I have never met, but I discovered his blog through PK's blog a while ago and have been coming back ever since. His latest post voices some questions I should be asking myself. Here's an excerpt (emphasis mine):
"WHAT?" I ask myself. What has this damned machine [his computer] done to my life? What have I done with it? Am I even in control? Is there more good, or more evil? Is endless complexity sustainable in the long run? Do I really need to know this much information? What is at the core of this race? What am I trying to satisfy?

A blog-strike? An e-mail fast? A Google restraint? Not yet, I have not the courage or the will. ...Until then... I slooooowly peel back the layers, the on-line time, the complexities...seeking to give and not accumulate, to live more off-line than online, to listen more to real people with real tears and smiles and less to URLs and HTTPs and screennames.
I am not there, but I am walking.

Thanks, Adam. Though the real question is: Philosophical agreement aside, what will I do with this? I'm not walking...or even crawling yet...merely standing still and seeing the better vantage point...

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::athada:: said...

Oh, "hi!"
I just found this post.
That was a rough day when I wrote that post... hopefully I won't get to that point this semester.