Tuesday, April 11, 2006

The Best Source of Encouragement

Bob Kauflin has another grace-filled, cross-centered post up at Worship Matters. He writes:
Here's what happens to me. I'm doing well for a season. Quiet times are going great, I'm experiencing grace in resisting temptations, and seeing some fruit in my ministry. Then something, I'm not always sure what, takes place that shakes my "firm" footing. I wake up tired. My wife points out some sin in my life. Counsel I've given goes unheeded. I have a "hard" day. Whatever the reason, my zeal for God wanes. I'm not as motivated to pursue the things of God, and my spiritual life could be labeled as "borderline apathetic."

Sound familiar? Kauflin shares his experiences with attempting to get out of the slump, then gets to the real remedy here.

Don't just mentally assent to this truth--let it permeate your soul.

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Kayla said...

SO TRUE! This winter I went through about 3 months of almost depression because I felt so dry and washed up. I was very withdrawn and unresponsive. Praise God for loving us during our dry times and helping us find the water to refresh our souls!