Friday, April 07, 2006


Carolyn McCulley posted a quote from Elisabeth Elliot this morning that flabbergasted me. It obviously makes so much sense--yet I'd never thought this way before.

We often talk about waiting on God. When we're unsure what course of action to take, or we want something but aren't yet in possession of it, we wait--wait for guidance, wait for blessing, wait for God to move. Sometimes, I confess, I have the mental image of waiting like I would wait on a friend who's late to meet me. I'm sitting back, checking my watch somewhat impatiently, wondering when in the world this person is ever going to show up.

Elliot, in her book Quest for Love, suggests a different kind of waiting:

"It is on God that we should wait, as a waiter waits--not for but on the customer--alert, watchful, attentive, with no other agenda of his own, ready to do whatever is wanted."

We don't wait FOR God...we wait ON Him. A little preposition makes a big difference. That's something I need to chew on for a while today!

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faith ann raider said...

That is such a great quote to remember as we are waiting on God!