Thursday, April 13, 2006

Seven: Seven

Seven friends I think should do this list of sevens:

I'll go with some of my favorite bloggers who are a bit sporadic/downright delinquent in posting--in hopes that this will inspire them...(though I'm not holding my breath)

  1. Kelly
  2. Maria
  3. Julie
  4. Dottie (*by the time I published this, she updated--but oh well)
  5. Aeron
  6. Stephanie (*also updated after I wrote this--maybe I am influencing a trend!)
  7. Jeff (who certainly won't do this...but it would be fun if he did)

I may now win the award for meme-killing...but I'm okay with that.


Jeff said...

Yep...I certainly wouldn't do that. (but then again, there was a time when you thought I wouldn't even do THIS!)


Amy said...

haha...nice to know you're reading, anyway :)

what the heck does "nhurh" mean? was that your word verification?