Monday, April 17, 2006

Observations from a Weekend at Home

  • Pizza Oven in West Unity, Ohio, makes the world's best pizza subs. I defy anyone to find a better one.
  • The only kind of ham to get for your Easter dinner is a Honeybaked Ham.
  • If Steve and I had The History Channel, we would watch too much TV.
  • My dad makes the best homemade ice cream. Lemon is one of his specialty flavors. I defy anyone to find a better lemon ice cream.
  • Purple hyacinths are beautiful, but smell slightly odd.
  • Every church should have someone sing Nichole Nordeman's "Why" on Good Friday.
  • If your partner in a card game brags excessively about how unbeatable the two of you are, you will get trounced in the next game.
  • There's nothing like the comfort level you enjoy with old friends.
  • Easter weekend is not conducive to eating healthy/losing weight.


Beau and Kathryn said...

I would definitely agree with the fact the Easter is not conducive to healthy eating/losing weight. I gave that up on Good Friday actually. You have to if you're going to enjoy the weekend! But praise the Lord for good food:)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a great time at home. You are so right! Nothing can replace the comfort of long time friendships. Also, diet food is not on my menu for ANY holiday!

Kat Coble said...

What card game? If you're worth your Indiana/Ohio salt, it was Euchre.

I miss Euchre.

Amy said...

you know, funny that you mention euchre in Indiana/Ohio. the kind of euchre I learned and played nonstop in high school (I'm talking, until the teachers banned it, we were busting out the cards during the last 10 minutes of free time in class) was bid euchre (where you deal out all the cards). I learned eventually that no one on the planet seems to play euchre that way except the people I went to high school with. unfortunate, because I hate the other kind.

no, the card game of choice among Steve's family is what we call "red book, black book"--it is also known, with minor variations, as "hand and foot," or canasta (I think).

Jules said... subs! I had the other half of mine for supper that night. :-)