Thursday, August 24, 2006

A [Complicated] Blogiversary

Today is my blogiversary: Lavender Sparkles is two years old. Well, sort of. I actually made the domain name and started the blog in November 2003. But after my "here I am, I'm starting a blog" post, I didn't actually post again until August 24, 2004, when, freshly inspired by a summer of reading Kathryn's blog, I finally decided to maintain a blog instead of just have one. (I think some of my friends still don't know the know who you are over there on the blogroll.) So technically my blog is almost three years old, but in reality, it's more like two. There's probably some sort of interesting analysis to be done about that but I'm not going to attempt it.

Ironically, the college friend who introduced me to blogging and inspired me to become a blogger--his was the first blog I ever read regularly--is no longer blogging, it seems. How about a new post in honor of my blogiversary, Jeff?

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations! :) Thanks for putting me on your blogroll, it's an honor!