Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Notes to Self

  • If the sky is slightly overcast, consider checking the weather forecast.
  • If the radar looks like this: ...reconsider your plans to ride your bike twelve blocks to the grocery store.
  • That trusty backpack which carried you through four years of college is not waterproof.
  • The brakes on your fifteen-year-old Huffy ten-speed will not work when wet.
  • Working brakes are important for your ride home, which is mostly downhill.
  • You really need a new seat for that bike. That cute pink seat worked great when you were ten, but you don't have a ten-year-old's butt anymore.
  • You might as well laugh, because hey, it's funny.
  • You can officially self-diagnose a sick obsession with blogging if you spend the entire dripping-wet ride/walk home composing this blog post.


sara jean said...

All I can say Amy is, "Bless your heart!" gotta love that rain:)

Kayla said...

Thanks for giving me something to smile about today!

The Bontragers said...

Hi Amy! What a nice surprise to hear from you! I've had a great time reading your blog and seeing where life has taken you (definitely not Northwest Ohio anymore! :) You both look so good and happy. - Sondra (p.s. I'm glad you took the time for this post - so funny!)

Christin said...

LOL! I hope you didn't crash!

Favorite line: "You don't have a ten year-old's butt anymore."

Anonymous said...

Poor Amy! Sorry, but I had to laugh at your post... =)

Hummel Family said...

No bruises? Scrapes? Falls? Oh, I wish I had a picture of all of this. Too bad you didn't take the digital camera along! ha!
What an adventure.

Amy said...

no, thankfully, I did not crash...just had to resort to walking my bike down the last hill toward home because I had no way of stopping except dragging my feet on the ground :)

I was completely soaked through when I got home; I literally had to wring out my underwear. I, too, wish I could have gotten a picture...no such luck, unfortunately for your amusement :)

Hummel Family said...

ha ha ha ha

Love it: "wringing out undies"!


Jackie said...

ha ha ha oh man .. all I can do is laugh at that! Sounds like something I would do ... okay maybe not .. I don't even own a bike so you're doing better than I am! :-)