Tuesday, August 29, 2006

How to Cut Up a Pineapple

Steve and I went to the home of some friends from church Sunday night for small group fellowship. When we arrived, only two families were there, and the women were preparing food. The hostess had bought a fresh pineapple, but confessed that she didn't know how what was the best way to cut it up. The other woman didn't have a clue--she always buys canned pineapple.

"We buy fresh pineapple all the time--I'll do it," I volunteered. So I showed the ladies how to cut up a pineapple.

I can't even tell you how insanely ironic I found this. I remember the first time I had to cut up a pineapple, in front of Steve. Feeling stupid, I bluffed my way through it because I had no idea what I was doing. He watched me with this look of consternation--not rude, just puzzled. "Why in the world are you doing it that way?"

It wasn't long ago that I was the one completely inept in the kitchen. So on Sunday night, all I could do was laugh, because I fnd it utterly amazing that I would ever be the one showing someone else how to cut up a pineapple. Or how to do anything cooking-related, for that matter. Truly God has given me grace in the kitchen.

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Bethany said...

My husband did prep work in a restaurant before we got married so I have been humiliated left and right when it comes to cutting anything in the kitchen. He is always worried about me cutting myself because I do it so badly. HEE HEE.