Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Miscellaneous In My Head

A month and a half after we moved, I finally sent out an email with our new address. If you didn't get it, but want it/need it, shoot me an email and I'll fill you in.

I hate the feeling of getting back into working out after you haven't worked out for months. All my muscles are sore today, and all I did was half an hour of yoga. Why do I ever stop working out in the first place? I am trying to get motivated to go work out again today.

I guess I need to be diligent about checking online to see what our cell phone usage is. I never think about it because normally our daytime minutes are far under what our plan includes. But today it crossed my mind and I discovered we've used over 100 minutes extra this month. Ouch. Not good. No idea how that happened.

We are looking for a dog right now--checking out local shelters. Have met two that we liked, but not sure what to do. I feel sort of the way I felt about finding a wedding dress: I tried on several that I liked a lot, but I didn't want to wear a dress I liked. I wanted to wear a dress that made me go, "YES! This is it--I feel beautiful, this is my wedding dress!" Not that I want to find a dog that makes me feel beautiful...but that I want to find a dog that makes me say, "This is our dog! I love this one!" rather than, "yeah, this dog is nice...I like him." Steve said, "How many dresses did you try on again?" I said, "at least fifty." He said, "Let's not visit fifty dogs." Agreed.

It is almost one o'clock and I am still in my pajamas. Not because I slept in (I was up at 6:30, thank you very much) but because I wasted a whole lot of time this morning --> haven't worked out yet --> don't want to shower until I work out. It has not been a good day.

My stomach is growling and I need to go eat some lunch.

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Anonymous said...

I KNEW you guys wouldn't hold out long before dog shopping. :)