Thursday, September 21, 2006

The Wonders of YouTube

On days like today, I am astounded by the wonders of YouTube. You won't believe what I just ran across...

Step by Step

Admit it, you had the tapes. You had the lunch box. You had the poster of Jordan or Danny or Joe or Donnie or Jonathan (my personal favorite) on your bedroom wall (ok, how sad is it that I just effortlessly rattled off all those names?). So go watch the video and laugh your head off at a blast from the past.

The clothes. The hair. The dance moves. I am dumbfounded.

Wow. Just wow.


Anonymous said...

Yes, I did have the tapes. And how many lame love letters I wrote...I am so ashamed. :) Nate loves YouTube. He and Morton find the dumbest things on there...none, however, compare to New Kids on the Block. :)

Jamie said...

My Dad refused to give me permission to buy their tape (doesn't THAT date me!)...BLESS that man! :)