Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Pretty or Beautiful?

Kids have so much wisdom sometimes. A woman I know only through blogging posted this remark from her four (I think)-year-old. It really struck me as profound, so I wanted to pass it along...

I asked Joel one time the difference between "pretty" and "beautiful"; this was his astute answer:

Pretty means you look pretty. Beautiful means you make the world beautiful.


Anonymous said...

Kids ARE so profound. I can't wait until David starts talking more.

On another subject, I know you are probably going to be a super-mom type of person (Type A personality- which I consider a good thing!) and I was wondering if you had considered cloth diapering. I think I am going to do it with this little one, and I am trying to find anyone else that I know personally who might be as well. :)

Amy said...

hahaha...yeah, you could describe me as Type A :)

yes, I've considered cloth diapering. part of me is not thrilled with the idea (it just seems gross) but I have the feeling the amount of money you would save would be mind-blowing--not to mention it being more environmentally friendly. I know at least a few women at my church who use cloth diapers (though they use disposables when they leave the house) but I haven't asked around for advice and such yet.

Anonymous said...

I've been thinking about using the all in ones, which basically function as a disposable, but you wash them instead of throwing them out. You can buy special bags that you can use when going out- so I am looking into those.

I just found a lady in my area who has an online store and she is willing to meet with people who are considering cloth diapering. She actually just had a baby, so isn't working this month, but I am going to contact her at the beginning of April. Hopefully she will be able to assist me.

Disposable diapering IS easier, but I feel like I have SOO much garbage because of it and then that is just moving to landfills where it sits and sits. It is much better for the environment on top of being MUCH cheaper.

Anonymous said...

AHHH... Talking about babies! Can't wait to see you this summer! The quote was adorable. I just had to leave a comment about it.