Thursday, March 29, 2007

Trip Home

Thanks for faithfully visiting despite the lack of updates lately...why is it that when I have tons of things to post, I have no time to do so? Seems the blogging goes in spurts around here, so get ready for a big spurt--starting with a recap of my weekend at home.

I made the trip by myself this time, as Steve couldn't spare the vacation days. I hated to go without him, but it did work out well in that I was able to stop in Indiana along the way and see friends I hadn't seen for a year or more! My first stop was lunch with Kelly (no picture, unfortunately), followed by a visit with the ever-adorable Silas and Aynsley (top left) and their mom, Emily. The last time I saw these two was out in Denver, when they were 3 1/2 and 5, respectively--now they're 5 1/2 and almost 8--so grown up now! Emily and I had a great time catching up before I headed to coffee with Aeron (bottom left).

I then drove the rest of the way home and, on Saturday, got to celebrate my grandmother's 85th birthday with my family (top right)! And I have to say, I rejoiced as I sat around the table with my mom, grandma, and favorite aunt, and found out that the women of my family have relatively short, uncomplicated labor and childbirth :) I got to visit my in-laws, a couple of other friends, and my old church, then wrapped up the weekend by stopping in Indy for lunch with Sandra (bottom right) on my way home.

I missed my hubby, but it was a lot of fun to spend some quality time with beloved family and friends, including leisurely, un-rushed time with my wonderful parents.

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