Sunday, March 04, 2007

Thankful Thursday Sunday, Take 22

(Had this ready to put up Thursday but was thwarted because of my blog's spam review...)

This week, I'm thanking God for...
  • last week's trip to Denver
  • a husband who wasn't just okay with the trip, but actively encouraged me to go
  • a husband who missed me and who I was so glad to come back home to
  • my wonderful mentor and her amazing family
  • Natalie--her friendship and getting to catch up in person
  • Cold Stone's cake batter ice cream
  • Cinnabon
  • hugs from kids
  • people who are God's love with skin on to me
  • getting my checked bag the next day without further incident
  • Steve's dad coming down to help with the house
  • his patience years ago in teaching Steve how to remodel a house
  • his taking us out to dinner last Sunday
  • all the free resources that Desiring God Ministries so generously provides
  • warmth and sunshine, while it lasted
  • today's storms turning out to be much less severe than anticipated
  • the ways He speaks to me through other people and through His Word
  • being pregnant at the same time as my best friend
  • His indescribable greatness and majesty
  • the beauty of creation, in so many diverse ways
  • His personal, intimate knowledge of me
  • His patience and mercy toward me
  • all of you who have started doing your own Thankful Thursday lists :)

Post yours below, if you're so inclined...


Amanda said...

alright, I did my first thankful day thing at my blog. It's been a good week.

And can I just say, having adopted a puppy that has changed my life sufficiently and altered my entire routine, that having a baby is going to change your whole life? I'm excited for you, though I know now I'm definitely not ready for that :)

Kayla said...

I bet that is awesome being pregnant with your best friend. Especially a due date only 1 week apart. That will be fun to share your stories. And who knows, the kids may share a birthday too. Although I am going to have to say one more time that I think you are both out of your ever loving minds if you don't find out what you are having. No way could I have waited. I am so much of a planner, I would have been miserable not knowing. Enjoy this time, you will one day look back and realize it wasn't the "longest nine months of your life" like you know it now.