Friday, March 02, 2007

Very Funny

Okay, which one of you bozos clicked "flag as objectionable" regarding this blog?
Wait, I don't have the NavBar. Never mind. (As I've mentioned before, not on purpose...I'd be happy to put it back in if I knew how.)

No new posts from me since Monday because when I logged in to post, I was greeted by this alarming red and yellow sign:

Nice. I had to fill out a captcha and request for them to review my blog. They "sincerely apologize" for the false positive. Finally I'm back up and running today.

Blogger is not winning any user-friendliness points with anybody these days, it seems...

And for those of you who read via Bloglines, check in every so often. I don't know whose fault it is, but the feed for this blog hasn't been showing up. I've got a few other blogs doing the same thing. I'm posting, even though it's not telling you that I am.


Bethany said...

bloglines totally erased you from my list. I just realized today thinking you had not posted in a while and went to check and you were gone...had to re add. WEIRD

Amy said...

isn't that bizarre?? I can't figure it out, but it has happened to me again and again--lots of disappearing blogs on my feeds.