Saturday, March 03, 2007

World Record Customer Service: Hold Time

I ended up on hold Monday afternoon for 3 hours and 42 minutes before giving up--I never did reach a real person. (I do not have the patience of Job; I simply have an earpiece that enabled me to do dishes, laundry, surf the web, etc. while waiting. That, and I was afraid of having to start all over again if I hung up and tried again later.) So I sent Sprint an email complaint about my experience. They responded to my email, but I never got anywhere in terms of a) an official complaint filed about the outrageous hold time, or b) my original billing question. So I decided to risk calling again on Thursday.

(Thanks, those of you who recommended I actually am familiar with that wonderful database. It wasn't helpful in this case, though, because I didn't have a problem getting out of the automated system and being transferred to a human. The problem was getting out of the hold queue and actually SPEAKING with said human.)

Anyway, I called again and got a real human voice after only about 6-7 minutes. As I was in the middle of explaining what had happened...Sprint dropped the call. Un. Freaking. Believable. All I could do was sit here and laugh. That never happens here at home--but of course it would for this call.

I called back, and again reached a real person in under 10 minutes. As for the wait on Monday, I was promised that my complaint had been forwarded to a supervisor and that our next bill would reflect a $25 credit as an apology. As for the original billing complaint, I didn't get anywhere. They charged us $42 for internet usage...but we NEVER use the phone for internet. And there's no way it could have been someone else messing with the phone, because on the day of all the usage, the phone was either with Steve at work, or in the car as we drove to Ohio. So the saga continues...not my week for customer service, apparently.

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