Monday, June 11, 2007

Better Than Plumb

Drywalling has begun in the nursery!

The last thing Steve did before quitting for the night was to put up a piece of drywall on the wall between the two rooms, so we could start to get an idea of what it will look like when they're actually separated. The next thing I heard was: "Great. That's what I get for making the wall plumb." To his dismay, he discovered that the floor slopes three inches in just six feet!

Ah, the joys of old houses...he has enough drywall scraps lying around that he'll just patch this craziness.


Kelly said...

I have a confession. I don't have a clue what "Plumb" has to do with anything. Is it just an expression? After battling the desire to avoid looking dumb and the intensity of my curiosity....curiosity won out.

By the make an adorable looking mommy-to-be! :)

Amy said...

no problem :) "plumb" means "exactly vertical." I think of it as level (like you'd use a level to make sure a picture you're hanging is straight), only up and down instead of side to side.

there really isn't such a thing as "better than plumb"--it's a euphemism for, WRONG :) I just read the expression in one of Steve's old house magazines and thought it was funny.

FYI: anytime you don't know what a word means, you can type "define: (the word)" in Google and get definitions. in other words, in this case you could type in your google toolbar--

define: plumb

and instantly get results! ah the wonders of google, I frequently ask myself how we lived without it. that and why I didn't invest all my money in their stock several years ago :)

Amy said...

to explain further in light of the picture: when Steve put up the studs for that wall, he made them plumb--exactly straight up and down. the problem here is that the floor doesn't go exactly straight side to side. so you get the nice big gap at the bottom on the left side of the picture :)

The Bontragers said...

Ahhh the memories :) When we started our basement, the floor - unfortunately - did not go "straight side to side" either. The joys of do-it-yourself home improvement, right? :) But doesn't it feel so good to see an actual "room" taking shape within those walls? Can't wait to see the new nursery!

Jules said...

Don't you just love old houses? Everything that was "updated" on our house was half-done, or hillbilly rigged. So annoying. Do it right or leave it alone!